April 10, 2012 – Highland Dancing Exams are Complete!

Dancers waiting for highland dance exam results.

Every year the Rob Roy dancers work very hard toprepare for theirdance exams.

Usually an examiner from Scotland comes and tests the girls to evaluate their skill level and determine whether they can move forward to the next testing level.

The exams were held at St-Andrews Church in downtown Kingston. In the pictures you can see the girls waiting for their tests and anxiously awaiting their results!

 It is a time of stress and sometimes a bit nerve-wracking for the dancers, so we are very pleased to say that they are all complete! All of our dancers did extremely well and were even complimented on how well they can keep on time with the music. The examiner said that we are a very pleasant school and she would love to come back!

 Well done girls! You made your teachers very proud!