February 21, 2012 – Results – Rob Roy Dancers “Sword” to Success!!!

What a great long weekend for Alicia McMullen, Maggie Cantarutti, Gillian Wallace and Fiona Duffe at the Choreography competition in Ottawa!


The group performed their broadsword choreography (also performed at Robbie Burns) that they have been working very hard on for the last month.  They placed first out 6 groups in their category.

Before performing, the girls like to get in the zone by watching their rivals and sitting beside each other wearing their snuggies!

Our dancers stood out from the others with their non traditional broadsword music and bright costumes.

The girls and their supporters were jumping for joy when they announced the winners.  There might even have been a tear or two from some of the parents.

Great job girls! Can’t wait for next year!