July 7, 2012 – Rob Roy Gr.5 Wins at Kincardine

The annual Kincardine Highland games took place under near perfect weather, July 7, 2012, on the picturesque coast of Lake Huron.
Rob Roy Gr.5, lead by P/M Peter Barbier, managed a convincing win in the Grade 5 medley contest. Congratulations to all paticipants!  The Grade 3 band managed a third place finish in the MSR event.   Rob Roy soloists also did well in the morning solo competitions with Kelsey Bailey finishing 5th in Grade 5 Snare, Catherine Cairns 5th in Grade 4 Snare, Chris Bell 5th in Professional MSR and 1st in Hornpipe Jig, Finley van de Ven 5th in Grade 5 Piping March, and James van de Ven finishing 6th in Junior Amateur Piobaireachd.

Well done!