November 2, 2011 – PPBSO Highland Ball 2011

The official PPBSO Champion Supreme results have been posted. Rob Roy soloists did very well indeed! Congratulations to all soloists on their competition participation this season. The fun doesn’t stop there. The Rob Roy Pipe Band (Grade 2) have won the PPBSO Champion Supreme for Pipe Band Grade 2! Congratulations again to all band members for their hard work and awesome result!

Have fun at the Highland Ball in Brantford!

PPBSO Champion Supreme Results

Award Name
Junior Amateur Piobaireachd Ryan Kavanagh
 Novice Piobaireachd  Kaj Sullivan
 Grade 5 Light Music  Kaj Sullivan
 Grade 5 Drumming  Catherine Cairns
 Grade 4 Drumming  Sophia Atwells
 Grade 2 Drumming  Erica Pulling
 Grade 1 Drumming  Iain Bell
 Professional Rhythm Tenor  Dylan Stewart
 Practice Chanter  Finley van de Ven