Rob Roy wins at North Lanark Highland Games

The Rob Roy Pipe Band Grade 5 ended the PPBSO competition season with a win at the North Lanark Highland Games in Almonte the weekend of August 25, 2012. Although the weather was quite warm, it was not quite as scorching as Maxville 2012!

Rob Roy folks enjoying a game of badminton

There was even time to have a few games of badminton in the shade!
Rob Roy Soloists also did quite well with the following finishes:

Amanda Pulling: Grade 1 March 6th place, Grade 1 S/R 3rd place, Senior Amateur Piobaireachd 4th place
Kaj Sullivan: Grade 4 March 3rd place, Junior Amateur Piobaireachd 1st place
Finley van de Ven: Grade 5 March 2nd place
Krista Duff: Novice Piobaireachd 6th place
Erica Pulling: Grade 1 Snare MSR 1st place, Grade 1 Snare H/J 1st place
Catherine Cairns: Grade 4 Snare 5th place
Kelsey Bailey: Grade 5 Snare 2nd place

Congratulations everyone!