Upcoming Rob Roy Events and Updates!


Save these dates!
Sat. Oct. 12, Trip to the Fruition corn maze at 1pm
Tues. Oct. 15, Annual General Meeting 8pm at the School.
Sat. Nov. 2 Rob Roy Dance Competition at the school
Sat. Nov. 2 Amherstview Santa Claus Parade
Fri. Nov. 8 Frontenacs Game at the KROCK centre
Sat. Nov. 23 Kingston Santa Claus Parade (social afterwards)
Sun. Nov. 24 Trenton Santa Claus Parade
Sun. Nov. 30, Gananoque Santa Claus Parade
Dec. 7 Christmas tea date 2:30pm
Dec. 13 Fun Curling Night
Sat. Jan. 25 Robbie Burns’ Night at Rideau Acres, tickets on sale soon!

Please see our calendar for our event schedule.

Band News

It was decided this fall that with the departure of many members of the grade 3 band that the best thing for the band would be to go from grade 3 to grade 4. Both Ross Brown and Scott Nicholson have stepped down from pipe major and lead drummer roles and these are now being taken over by Scott Bell and Chris Bell. The move to grade 4 has allowed many of our grade 5 members to move up to the new band. They are already hard at work at new music and are looking forward to a great year!

The grade 5 band is going strong again this year and we are excited to see many new faces as well as lots of returning ones! All grade 5 band members who wish to try out for the grade 4 band are welcome to but they must attend both grade 5 and grade 4 band practices until the end of October.

Peter Barbier has taken on the role of band manager. The new executive will be elected at the next AGM on October 15.

Volunteer News

Rob Roy receives significant funding through working Bingo nights at the Treasure Chest Bingo Centre. Each biweekly Bingo requires 2 volunteers from our organization to work the 2-hour shifts. Volunteers must be 18 years old and have attended training.
To sign up for training or to work a Bingo, please contact Trish Noble Bingo co-ordinator at noblepatricia332@gmail.com or 613-547- 9487.
Upcoming Bingo Nights: Oct. 28, Nov. 11, Nov. 25 & Dec 23. 6:30-8:30.
Upcoming Training: 5:30-6:30 Nov. 12, Nov. 13, Dec. 11 or 12.


Meredith Westcott is Rob Roy’s new fundraising co-ordinator or as she puts it “the beggar”. She will be working with Trish Noble (Bingo co-ordinator) and Sheila Wallace (clothing orders) on seeking donations and organizing raffles. Thank you Meredith for taking this on!

If you have any suggestions for fundraising ideas please contact Meredith Westcott or any member of the executive!


The picture above was taken at Scone Palace in Perth, Scotland in August 2013. The band and dancers performed at the castle and then toured the property.