Grade 3 Pipe Band

Membership in the Rob Roy Pipe Band is open to all with a demonstrated ability to play their respected instrument at the Grade 3 level. Band uniforms and equipment are issued when new players are deemed ready to perform at events and competitions.


2016 Roster

Pipers:Maxville 2
Peter Barbier
Lindsay Bell
Scott Bell – P/M
Fred Carmichael
Robyn Elliot
Matt Helm
Ethan Jenkins
Connor Lamont
Jim Lamont
Josh Lamont
Sarah MacDonnell
Michael McDonald
Caitlyn McKinleyksf2
Charles-David Mitchell
Mark Nardi
Ian Noble
Mike Plumb
Kaj Sullivan
Finley van de Ven
James van de Ven
Angus Wood

Kiernan Alexander
Chris Bell – L/D
Iain Bell
Adam Howatt
Jeff LeBlanc
Jenna McMullen
William Mitchell
Erin Parker
Jesse Reedy
Ron Reedy
Shahna Summers
Brendan Valleekincardine 2014
Jenna Wood

Bass & Tenors:
Tamra Alexander
Joanne Hurtubise
Catherine Kern – L/T
Devon Massouh
Mark Westcott
Anna Wood