Grade 3 Pipe Band

Membership in the Rob Roy Pipe Band is open to all with a demonstrated ability to play their respected instrument at the Grade 3 level. Band uniforms and equipment are issued when new players are deemed ready to perform at events and competitions.


2018/2019 Roster

Pipers:Maxville 2
Peter Barbier
Lindsay Bell
Scott Bell – P/M
Andrew Blair
Fred Carmichael
Ian Chornoby
Robyn Elliot
Colum Faris
Ethan Jenkins
Dominic Kilpatrick
Connor Lamont
Jim Lamont
Josh Lamont
Sarah MacDonnell
Tomas Macleod
Caitlyn McKinleyksf2
Mark Nardi
James van de Ven
MacGregor van de Ven

Kiernan Alexander
Chris Bell – L/D
Iain Bell
Andrew Hill
Adam Howatt
Jeff LeBlanc
Erin Parker
Shahna Summers
Brendan Valleekincardine 2014
Jenna Wood

Bass & Tenors:
Tamra Alexander
Catherine Kern – L/T
Mark Westcott
Anna Wood